This is a special Horned Cutie Single she is my tribute to Toxica and the Cardano Community. She is drawn on an 8000 by 8000 canvas at 300dpi. Just like all my NFT's the owner has the right to print her for personal use. (not for personal profit or commercial use)
Toxic Cutie will be auctioned in the Serenity Pictures Discord on July 31st for now there is a sneak peak below, the full piece will be revealed Sunday. Join their discord so you don't miss out. 
Spring Board Discord:
The auction has ended with TOXIC Cutie finding a new home going for 510 ADA but the challenge continues...

Will you accept the challenge?
How many of the referenced people or projects of Cardano can you find hidden in Toxic Cutie?
DM me your answers, the 1st person to find all 12 will be rewarded ;

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