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Thundra is the 1st character for my MMADA CNFT Collection. Thundra is the original the 1st version; all others are variations of her fighting spirit. I am currently working on a new character.
Please note I am currently reevaluating how I release this project after learning some things and making some mistakes with the launch of Thundra. Thank you for your support I appreciate it.  
Join our discord community to stay up to date on our future characters and add your input for building our community. I am a digital artist who has been creating combat sports related art for the past few years. So I am learning all other aspects of crypto art as I go. I look forward to learning from you and creating quality CNFT's you enjoy owning.
Thundra: Wisteria Demon ​​​​​​​
Thundra: Radiance Demon​​​​​​​
Thundra: Crystal Topaz​​​​​​​
Thundra: Sound Ninja​​​​​​​
Thundra: Moonstone​​​​​​​
Thundra: Hekili (Thunder)​​​​​​​
Thundra: Uila (Lightning)
Thundra: Golden Demon

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